Fullstack Nodejs / Javascript Developer

İstanbul Anadolu - Ataşehir 19-09-2017 Farketmez / Kadın veya Erkek
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Job Description

We are looking for experienced software engineers to join our team to work with existing architecture . We are in AWS(Amazon Web Services) ecosystem and will work with many of their services to power our platform on cloud architecture.
We are looking for engineers who are passionate and comfortable with a variety of server-side technologies and enjoy working in a team environment.
This is a full time role and you will be expected to have daily on-site presence at our head office.
When applying please submit your favorite code samples and/or Github profile.


Expertise in web technologies,
Solid understanding of HTML and CSS,
Solid knowledge of algorithms, design patterns, and componentization approaches,
Solid experience building applications on top of RESTful APIs,
Expertise Javascript MVC frameworks (ExpressJs, Parse-Server),
Expertise in Node.js,
Experience with variety of databases such as MySQL, NoSQL (MongoDB),
Expertise in GIT,


A degree in computer science, math or related engineering departments (BSc or MSc),
At least 1 years of focused hands-on coding and development experience,
Team player and self motivated,
Ability to quick learn and willing to improve himself/herself

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