A truly accessible expanding global hotel brand. At YOTEL, we create time, a seamless, intuitive experience. Through efficiency and technology, we ensure that our guests have everything they need and nothing they don’t. We are all about innovation, flexible and smart design. Our clever use of space means we can offer central, convenient locations at an outstanding affordable price. We will never stop innovating. Since we were founded over ten years ago it’s been our mission to disrupt the travel industry.
YOTEL & YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport, will operate with 451 cabins with super comfy adjustable queen size Smart Bed, work desk and a techno wall with mood lighting and HD Smart TV. There is rain shower and heated towel rack in all of the cabins. There will generous Food & Beverage facilities namely a Club Lounge, Restaurant and Grab & Go 7/24 at the service of our guests. Meeting rooms will be the new center of the meetings with no need to go the city and also there is a Fitness Room, Sauna and Hammam facilities for our guests to enjoy the long time between the flights and feel no stress.

Position Overview

Performing duties as prescribed by the quality standards established by the Chef and Food and Beverage Manager. Cooks prepare all kitchen operation needs, dressings, vegetables, cheeses and other foods according to YOTEL’s recipes and standards.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

• Report to work in uniform at posted scheduled times.
• Sets up the workstation.
• Prepares all dressing, vinaigrettes and accompanying garnishes for all menu items.
• Set-up and see that kitchen station is ready to serve fifteen (15) minutes prior to breakfast lunch and dinner service
• Make sure that all food is of the highest possible quality before leaving the window.
• Overseeing see that all food prepared is of consistently high quality and that portions are consistently controlled. Food tickets are complete and out in a timely manner.
• Covers, dates and neatly stores all meats, poultry, seafood and other food items.
• Cleans and sanitizes the all workstation.
• Sets up, maintains and breaks down prep station.
• Notifies MOD in advance of all expected shortages.
• Ensures that workstation and equipment are clean and sanitary.
• Adheres to state and local health and safety regulations.
• Maintains neat professional appearance and observes personal cleanliness rules always.
• Maintains safety and security in workstation.
• Assists with other duties as instructed by the Kitchen Manager or MOD
• Inform supervisor of any items that were unfinished before service.
• Properly store all food, which must be covered, dated and rotated daily to ensure proper portion control and quality.
• Follow all safety procedures for operating and cleaning all machinery always.
• Check in with MOD at the beginning of shift for instructions.
• Keep par stocks at proper levels. Increase or decrease production as necessary.
• Inform management of any problems concerning food quality or production control.
• Follow “Clean as you work” policy; responsible for sanitation and cleanliness of station always.
• Maintain high standards of quality and appearance for all food prepared and served.
• Wear clean uniform at all times.
• Attend all kitchen employee meetings.
• At the end of the shift, clean entire station, including reach-ins, shelves, water bath and toaster
• All unnecessary food must be returned to reach-in on proper shelf, all inserts clean.
• Check-out with MOD; keep reach ins clean and organized at all times.
• Clean any kitchen equipment used immediately following its use.
• Must eat on crew quarters downstairs on break time only clocking out and in

• Requires High School diploma or equivalent
• 1 to 2 years of related work experience
• Knowledge of basic operation of culinary equipment
• Inspiring team leader focused on delivery of great customer service
• Uphold the highest standards of YOTEL Istanbul Airport and business culture.
• Maintain a friendly & cohesive work environment with crew, internal departments & guests.

Essential Physical Abilities

• Endure various physical movements throughout the work areas, such as reaching, bending and stooping.
• Ability to grasp, push or pull heavy loads, and lift and/or carry or otherwise move packages, and boxes weighing up to 75 lbs. on occasion.
• Ability to stand, walk and/or sit and continuously perform essential job functions
• Ability to perform tasks requiring bending, stooping, kneeling, and walking significant distances on property.
• Ability to lift, bend, stoop, push or pull heavy loads weighing up to 50 lbs
• Repetitive hand motion (typing) for extended periods of time.
• Good physical resilience.


Years of Experience:
More than 3 years of experience

Military Status:

Level of education:
High School & Bachelor’s(Graduate)

Company Industry:
Hotel and Accommodation Management

Job Role:
Food & Beverage / Kitchen

Job Type :
Permanent / Full-time

Number of vacancies
Not Specified

Job Location:

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Cook – Yotel & Yotel Aır İstanbul Avrupa Cook – Yotel & Yotel Aır İstanbul Cook – Yotel & Yotel Aır Turizm Otel Aşçı

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