About Procat:

Established in 2004, Procat is the company of choice for institutions and organizations that require and demand high efficiency, uninterrupted support, quick installation, while at the same time delivering robust return on investment models and competitive cost advantage achieved by working with an experienced business partner.
Procat has a great wealth of highly specialized personnel and their founder has nearly a quarter of a century of industry specific experience.
Procat works as a complete business partner in all processes from selection of the most accurate technology, which entirely matches with the requirements of corporations, to installation and integration.

Join #theAteam!

We’re looking for client-oriented candidates who are native/near-native English speakers (C1 or C2 level) or native/near-native Arabic&English speakers to join our Elite Customer Support team! Experience in the field is a plus.
You’ll be learning from the best while working on one of the most innovative projects to deliver excellent customer experience for our world-leading client in fashion and sports industry. Our client already became a sports phenomenon and now you can make a difference and be part of our team.

Who we are - The Superhero Team:

#theAteam are a talented bunch of customer engagement experts, united by our hard-working, fun-loving culture and passion for quality.
It’s the unique contributions of all our colleagues across Europe, that drives our success. And we’re dedicated to building a culture where everyone can thrive and find meaning in their work.

Job Description:

Solving client's requests via e-mail / chat / social media in a friendly way;
Providing solutions regarding order and delivery issues for fashion brands;
Ensuring all communication is handled professionally and promptly but with a human touch;
Great team spirit but the ability to also be independent, like every superhero should;
Problem solving, investigative and multi-tasking skills with highest attention to detail;
Positive attitude & excited to discover new CX approaches;
Building a special connection with customers and providing exceptional service.

What we offer:

A young and friendly work environment.
An interactive learning experience.
Lots of growth possibilities (more than 80% of advancement & promotions come from internal resources).
Paid training period.
Meal tickets.
Many other benefits.

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