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Would you like to support customers for one of the largest companies in the world? Would you like to work with many opportunities to grow up with us, to start your career, to release your potential and become part of a new world?
So why do not you start your career at Webhelp and work with our wonderful colleagues that we support for world leader brands!

Are you looking for us? Then apply now and be the best Customer Advisor at Webhelp Istanbul!

As an incoming customer advisor, what skills & experience will you need?

• Excellent customer service skills
• Passion for professional customer care
• Great written and verbal DUTCH.
We are looking for upbeat, confident, customer focused and resilient individuals to work within our lively call centres.

About us:

Webhelp supports one of the world's most innovative and popular Technology Firm to which we are looking for customer service representatives to handle inbound customer inquiries.

You have success on the job if you:
• Have empathy and can adapt to customer needs for support
• Are a good listener, you are patient and skilled at multitasking
• Are quick as lightning on a keyboard
• Are independent and adaptable
• Stress resistant and punctual
• Work structured and possess an ability to recognize complex situations/problems, and understand them.
• Love to deliver good service and strive for high customer satisfaction

We offer:

Professional training and education;
Professional systems and service;
Diverse, young and social environment;
Opportunity to grow.

It’s not just an ordinary call centre. Our open office is fun, lively, supportive and welcoming and you’ll always find something different about how we work that makes your life easier. We really value the people that look after our customers and work hard to make you sure you feel valued and that your contribution makes a difference.

Webhelp sees diversity as a resource and encourages everyone regardless of gender, age, religion, ethnicity to seek employment with us.

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