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Pre-Sales Engıneer

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İstanbul Avrupa - Şişli 23-02-2021

We’re looking for Pre-Sales Engineer for our innovative digital transformation solutions in Turkish market.

Job Overview
-To provide Pre-Sales technical support to clients by identifying the customer requirements and designing a commercially viable solution within the our product portfolio.
- To work closely with the Sales and Technical team in the area of product suitability and service delivery expectations
- To advise on bid / no bid decisions based on technical and commercial considerations
- To articulate (through written submissions and oral presentations) solutions to both technical and non-technical customers
- Support sales efforts with in-depth product and business knowledge
- To work with the product development teams to capture new customer requirements and develop and expand the product portfolio
- To work with the post-sales team in handing over any pre-sales efforts

Skills / Attributes Required
- Proven track record in a pre-sales environment within an IT / software solutions business
- Bachelor in Engineering or Information Systems is a must
- Technically skilled with a customer focused mind
- Willingness to travel within a wide geographical area for client meetings
- Perfect oral and written English

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Pre-Sales Engıneer İstanbul Avrupa Pre-Sales Engıneer İstanbul Pre-Sales Engıneer Satış Mühendis

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