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Tremglobal is full of opportunities to pursue the future with qualifications and performance! Apply to Sales Consultant position to explore your own boundaries and step into the future with us, join us.

Excellent communication skills in English, having also fluency in both written and spoken Russian, Chinese or Arabic (Native speakers will be appreciated)
Sales and goal oriented
Charismatic, positive and passionate in their personality
Undergraduate degree or higher education
Disciplined, hard worker, dedicated, ambitious
Motivation to earn high salary with a progressively increasing bonus system

Answering the enquiries by e-mail, WhatsApp
Making sales on the phone,
Following up clients by email,
Monitoring phone calls and managing an international client database,
Working collectively with the sales team,
Setting appointments with the customers for sales,
Reporting sales activities periodically,
We are in search of team members to be assigned in our head office at Beylikdüzü. We welcome all applicants who meet the abovementioned criteria.

Eleman.net'te yayınlanmaktadır. İlan No: 2782073

Kadın veya Erkek 18 - 35 arası No: 2782073 Tam Zamanlı

Sale Consultant İstanbul Avrupa Sale Consultant İstanbul Sale Consultant Gayrimenkul Satış Destek Satış Danışmanı

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