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·        Preferably graduated from universities' Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mathematical Engineering, Management Information Systems or related engineering departments,
·        At least 3 years of experience in project business analyst or similar positions in the logistics sector,
·        Experienced in testing, support and documentation processes of software projects,
·        Having knowledge about data structures and database architectures, preparing SQL queries,
·        Experienced in using integration tools (SOAP UI, Postman etc.) to test and design web service integrations
·        Knowledgeable about traditional and Agile project management methodologies,
·        Good command of English
·        Capable of analytical thinking and analysis, approaching from an algorithmic perspective, dynamic and solution-oriented, compatible in teamwork,
·        Self-motivated, capable of effective time management and ability to run business simultaneously, open to development, eager to learn different technologies.
Key Accountabilities: 

·        To play a role in the analysis, design, test, installation, maintenance and support stages of software development projects that will meet the needs of internal and external customers, to ensure that the projects reach the results successfully and in accordance with the plan,
·        Participating in regular evaluation and demand meetings with business units and customers,
·        Performing technical analysis in line with customer needs in the applications for which it is responsible and creating system request documents,
·        To work in coordination with the software development department and to follow up the developments for which it is responsible, from end to end,
·        Preparing test scenarios of developed applications, performing functional tests and coordinating user acceptance tests,
·        To provide support for the processes that he is responsible for after the live.

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